Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekly Horoscope 10/13/12

Aries – You will trip going up stairs, but you won’t fall or stub your toe

Taurus – If you aren’t patient, you’re going to burn the roof of your mouth

Gemini – After all these years, you will finally find out the name of that song

Cancer – Tip someone five dollars more than you usually would

Leo – It’s just a mole

Virgo – You should stop picking at it and just let it heal

Libra – It’s not too late to change that top…

Scorpio – Get a haircut

Sagittarius – Don’t look in the mirror so much

Capricorn – Sex is going to be really boring today

Aquarius – There isn’t anything you could have done

Pisces – You probably shouldn’t have done that

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  1. Its always fun reading this portion.... keep the good work up