Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekly Horoscope 9/29/12

Aries – You’re going to be late to something soon.

Taurus – Don’t forget to thank the people who serve you food.

Gemini – You are not going to like the next commercial you see.

Cancer – Google Image search will let you down tomorrow.

Leo – Don’t forget to tie your shoes (better yet, something with straps).

Virgo – The next time you do laundry, you’re going to lose a sock.

Libra – Don’t worry so much.

Scorpio – You, on the other hand, should worry more.

Sagittarius – Some leftovers in the fridge have gone bad.

Capricorn – Try harder to use your turn signal.

Aquarius – What you think on an important matter will change.

Pisces – Stay ready…

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